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Iranian Government to Organize Local Hosting Providers

Hosting Services and Companies in Iran

As the number of Internet users has been increased in Iran, many privately-held companies inside the country have started offering hosting services. This has made Science and Technology Ministry of Iran to propose a plan to organize all the local hosting providers.

According to the proposed plan, only a few companies will be eligible to offer hosting services based on the criteria set by IT Ministry. The managers of small companies involved in this sector have already expressed their disappointment about the negative side effects of this plan.

Hossein Shah Gholikhani, the managing director of a hosting company based in Shiraz, says this plan is good in general, but it needs some changes in order to secure the interests of small to medium companies operating in this field.

“The managers of hosting companies in Iran support this proposal, because it will help local companies to fully take advantage of Iranian IT market. But some changes need to be applied on the new proposal.” Hossein Shah Gholikhani told the reporter of Herald Boy in Shiraz.

“Based on this proposal, offering hosting solutions will be limited to companies with official and governmental grades. Currently, a few companies in Iran have official grades. Accordingly, the giant companies will be granted exclusive control of Iran’s hosting market. The Science and Technology Ministry should consider these kinds of side effects.” Shah Gholikhani reiterated.

He also went on to declare that how big Iran’s hosting market is. “At the current time, more than 400,000 domain names with the suffix of .IR have been registered by Iranians. A remarkable number of these domain names are active websites, and they need hosting accounts for continuing their operations. So the potential of this market is huge.”

At the current time, Iran has more than 45 million active Internet users.

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