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Iranian Economists Ask Government to Expel Afghan Labors

Afghan Labors in Iran

Unofficial statistics show that almost 2 million job opportunities have been occupied by illegal Afghan refugees in Iran. At the time being, hundreds of thousands of illegal Afghan refugees are residing, living and working in Iran.

Economists argue that Iranian contractors usually refuse to hire local labors since they can take advantage of cheap Afghan workers. During the recent years, Afghan labors have turned into skilled workers in Iran. Consequently, they can even make more money than their Iranian peers.

Alireza Hashempour, an Iranian socialist and economist, urges local government to take suitable action against this phenomenon. “Nowadays, all the Iranian families are experiencing numerous difficulties because of high unemployment rate in country. But, illegal Afghan refugees can work and live in Iran without any problem. I think the next government of Iran should pay attention to this major issue.”

“Currently, the unemployment rate in Iran is more than 30%. On the other side, more than 95% of Afghan refugees are working for Iranian companies, workhouses and corporations. They have managed to gain skills during the recent years, and this wastes Iranians’ investments and moneys.” Alireza Hashempour added.

Hashempour also went on to criticize the government of Afghanistan for abusing international treaties. “It seems the Afghanistan’s government is not interested in returning Afghans to their motherland. I believe that Iranian government can sue Afghan side for abusing international agreements in this regard.”

In past years, the government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has applied stricter conditions on the activities of illegal Afghan refugees. But the local government has failed to deport a large number of Afghanis to their country.

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