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Iranian Businessmen Face Difficulties Exporting Products and Goods

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Abbas Ali Noora, the former Member of Iran’s Parliament, says Iranian businessmen and companies cannot export their goods and products to other countries like before. As Iranian Rial has lost its value against foreign currencies, many believe that exporters can take advantage of this condition.

“Over the past few years, Iranian exporters have experienced many troubles in selling their goods and products to foreigner customers. Current high inflation rate has also increased the costs of productions and operating factories in the country.” Abbas Ali Noora told the reporter of Herald Boy on Friday.

“Unfortunately, economic embargoes have made Iranian businessmen to export their goods via third-parties. This leads to huge reduction in revenues made by exports.” Noora added.

The former Member of Parliament also declared that companies from the neighboring states such as Turkey and Azerbaijan have dominated the target markets of Iranian exporters. “At the same time, businessmen from other countries have started exporting their products and goods to Iran’s target markets.”

Abbas Ali Noora went on to urge the Iranian government to offer its full support to exporters. “In recent years, exporters have played an important and unique role in Iran’s economy. We should try hard to keep our target markets in neighboring states such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkmenistan and Armenia. By supporting these businesses, the employment rate will also be decreased significantly in near future. I kindly urge the Iranian government to fully support exporters.”

According to the official sanctions imposed by the Western governments on Iran’s economy, companies are banned from trading with Iran-based organizations and businessmen.

U.S. government has already panelized a number of privately-held companies for doing hidden businesses with Iranian government and nationals.

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