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Iranian Ayatollah Wants the Government to Punish Alcohol Abusers

Alcoholic Drinks in Iran

Alcohol drinking is officially forbidden for Iran’s Muslim citizens according to the country’s civil code. However, Iranians are the third highest consumers of alcohol in Middle East.

The Iranian Police announced on Saturday that the first alcohol addiction treatment center will be opened in next few days in Tehran. Accordingly this center will be managed by nonprofit organizations.

Ayatollah Seyyed Hossein Mousavi Tabrizi, a senior Iranian religious leader, says the government in partnership with the Iranian police should ‘eradicate’ alcoholism from Islamic Republic of Iran.

“According to local media reports, there are about 500,000 Muslims addicted to alcohol in Iran. This whopping number raises question about the performance of Iran’s Police with regard to controlling alcohol market in the country,” Ayatollah Mousavi said on Monday.

Much of the alcoholic drinks consumed by Iranians are reportedly smuggled from Iraqi Kurdistan into Iran. A number of Iranian citizens have been detained by Police for smuggling alcoholic beverages into the country over the past few years. They have been mostly sentenced to five years in prison under the country’s penal code.

“Reports suggest that the Iranian government has failed to confront with alcohol business in Iran. I kindly urge the Iranian government to put severe ban on alcohol use in Iran in order to reduce the number of addicted people to alcohol.” Seyyed Hossein Mousavi Tabrizi concluded.

It is good to know that Iran’s government allows non-Muslim minorities to produce and drink alcoholic beverages. The Iranian government also lets Christians and Jews to import a limited number of alcoholic drinks via official channels to the country. On the other side, Behnoush Company has recently started producing alcoholic beverages for non-Muslim minorities in Iran.

In 2012, Iran’s Khorasan justice department confirmed the death penalty for 2 citizens who were caught drinking alcohol. International organizations have previously criticized Islamic Republic of Iran for executing alcohol-drinkers.

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