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Iranian Apps Stores Circumvent Sanctions on Iran

Iranian Apps Stores

Over the past few years, international sanctions on Iran have made major apps stores to stop serving Iranian clients. According to unofficial surveys, around 6 million people are using smart phones in Iran. In order to circumvent sanctions and make money from this opportunity, Iranians have started several apps stores in the country.

Reza Akhlaghi, an Iranian customer using Android-powered smart phone, says these websites allow him to download top applications without any problem. “Currently, Iranians are banned from downloading new applications from international apps stores like Google Play. But the Iranian websites let users download the latest mobile applications available in international stores.”

“These websites are mostly free to use. Even some of them offer paid applications for free, and this interest Iranian and foreigner clients to download applications from these sources. By using these kinds of services we can use the latest applications.” Reza told the Herald Boy.

Addressing a seminar on Monday, Mahmoud Layasi, a top ranking official at Iran’s IT Ministry, said: “Iranian apps stores have managed to attract a large number of clients and users from all over the world. Currently, Western companies have limited the access of Iranian clients to international apps stores, but local entrepreneurs have launched successful websites to support Iranian customers.”

“On the other hand, Iranian programmers can detect the behavior of smart phone users. Nowadays, local companies are actively releasing mobile applications to take advantage of this massive market. Iran’s Ministry of Science and Technology is also ready to support local apps stores.” Mahmoud Layasi concluded.

It is worth mentioning that the European and American mobile manufacturers are currently unable to distribute their products between Iranian customers. Consequently, the homemade tablets, smart phones and digital devices have succeeded to gain interests from Iranians.

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