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Iranian Analyst: Internet and Satellite Affect People’s Social Lives

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Over the past few years, the number of Iranians using Internet and satellite has been increased significantly. Accordingly, a large number of people in Iran started following European and American lifestyles, which are mostly against the guidelines of Islam.

“1400 years ago, Islam defined and presented the best type of lifestyle. Unfortunately, current fever in Iranian community is tending toward the Western lifestyle. People should be aware of the numerous risks involved with following these kinds of lifestyles.” Majid Abhari, an Iranian socialist and activist, told the Herald Boy on Wednesday.

“Internet and satellite are truly affecting people’s social lives. Local media, Education Ministry and even Iranian families have failed to introduce the best use of these communication tools to children. This has made many problems for Iran’s Islamic community. People should start learning how to use these modern tools in the best possible way.” Majid Abhari declared.

The socialist went on to refer to the measures taken by a few Muslim countries in this regard. “Kuwait and Qatar are relatively active in presenting the true Islamic lifestyle. The governments of these states encourage youths to follow Islamic tips rather than adopting Western culture.”

“The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance should increase its activities and operations in this field. By allocating enough budgets to schools, mosques and cultural houses Iranian youths will be educated about the best kinds of lifestyles.” Majid Abhari concluded.

Although Pahlavi Shahs were trying to modernize and westernize the country, Iranians didn’t pick up Western lifestyle and culture. However, under Islamic Republic, many Iranians tend toward the Western culture.

Socialists believe that Iranian government was unsuccessful in promoting Islamic lifestyle in last eight years.

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