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Iran Decides not to Pursue ‘Legal VPN’ Project

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Last year, Iran’s Filtering Committee decided to block the ports of Virtual Private Network (VPN) for regular clients in the country. Accordingly, Internet users in Iran were able to circumvent governmental restrictions by utilizing this service. At the same time, Iran’s telecommunication infrastructure company launched a new project to sell ‘legal’ VPN services to ‘certified’ clients in order to fulfill domestic demands.

Mahmoud Khosravi, managing director of Iran’s Telecommunication Infrastructure Company, announced on Saturday that state-owned company has failed to market this service properly. He also went on to declare that Infrastructure Company will not pursue this project.

“Although we spent and invested millions of dollars to establish this service in Iran, only 26 companies have applied for this service. The revenues made by selling this service can barely cover the costs of establishing necessary infrastructures inside the country.” Mahmoud Khosravi remarked during an interview with local TV channel.

“Unfortunately, only a limited number of organizations, companies and embassies are interested in using this network.  From now on, Telecommunication Infrastructure Company will not carry on expanding and offering legal VPN services.” Mahmoud Khosravi concluded.

Iranian government has repeatedly called on local companies and individuals to register for this service.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is originally used for encrypting sensitive information in the hope of securing them from illicit accesses.

At the time being, VPN’s ports are still blocked but clients are using other methods to bypass governmental restrictions. HTTPS proxies and Kerio Network is among most popular methods for circumventing governmental filtering in Iran.

According to the latest statistics published by Iran’s IT Ministry, the country has more than 45 million Internet clients as of 2013.

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