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Iran to Launch Commercial Versions of Parsijoo Search Engine

Parsijoo Search Engine Islamic Republic of Iran

Last year, Yazd University in partnership with Iran’s IT Ministry opened Parsijoo search engine. In that time, it was announced that Google will be replaced by Parsijoo in Persian communities. Currently, millions of web pages in Persian (Farsi) are indexed by the robots of Parsijoo.

Dr Majid Nour Hosseini, Head of Iran’s Computer Science Research Institute, said on Thursday that Islamic Republic is looking to present the commercial versions of Parsijoo search engine. Accordingly local small to medium businesses will be able to put their contextual advertisements beside the search results. At the time being, Bing and Google are making money by showing ads beside the web results. Revenues earned by Adwords system account for more than 97% of Google’s total revenues.

“The current progress of Parsijoo search engine is great and noticeable. By the end of 2015, Parsijoo will become the most comprehensive Persian search engine. Currently, Parsijoo is ranked between top 30,000 websites in world. This success has been achieved in less than one year.” Majid Nour Hosseini told the Herald Boy.

“Fortunately, private companies and different universities in Iran are working on their own search engines. In next few years, Iranian corporations can present their own commercial search engines in domestic market.” Dr Majid Nour Hosseini.

According to official statistics published by IT Ministry, Iran has more than 45 million Internet clients. Over the past few years, Iranian government has blocked several services offered by Google. Iranian officials have earlier announced that Google and other web giants are spying on Internet users.

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