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Iran to File Complaint Against U.S. Government

Majlis Parliament Iran

Mahmoud Bahmani, the former governor of Central Bank of Iran, says the Iranian government is planning to file complaint against U.S. government for imposing unilateral sanctions on Iran’s economy.

Under the tutelage of Mahmoud Bahmani, Iran suffered from U.S.-led embargoes. Subsequently, Iranian rial lost its values against foreign currencies. Addressing a press-conference on Monday at Tehran, Bahmani said: “The U.S. government is ratifying new sanctions on Iran’s economy on daily basis. According to international laws, no country is allowed to impose sanctions on other country’s economy.”

Mahmoud Bahamani believes that the U.S. government is ‘clearly’ violating international rules, and Islamic Republic of Iran is entitled to sue the high-ranking officials of the U.S. government for authorizing economic sanctions. “Currently, several Members of Parliament are working on a certain project in the hope of filing complaint against the U.S. government.”

“In my opinion, these sanctions are mainly targeting Iranian people rather than the government of Iran. So the U.S. government should withdraw its imposed sanctions on Iran’s economy as soon as possible.” Mahmoud Bahamani added.

He also called on the officials of the regional governments to publicly condemn and criticize the U.S. government for imposing economic embargoes on Iran. “I recommend the Arab governments to help Iran in this regard. Other nations might face the same problems in future, if the United States carries on imposing new sanctions on Iran.”

Hassan Rouhani, the new president of Iran, suggested the U.S. government to lift its ‘unilateral’ sanctions. According to local media reports, Rouhani is interested in negotiating with President Barack Obama over Iran’s nuclear case.

At this time, there are no formal diplomatic relations between Iran and the United States. During the recent years, Iranian and American politicians have negotiated over regional issues including the ongoing crises of Afghanistan and Iraq. But they have failed to resolve Iran’s nuclear case in joint meetings.

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