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Iran Supports Islamic Revolution of Egypt: Iranian MP

Mohammad Dehghan Iranian MP Iran Majlis

A member of the Majlis presiding board, Mohammad Dehghan, says Iran supports Islamic revolution of Egypt. Although the Egyptian people are demonstrating against Islam-backed Muslim Brotherhood political party, Iranian officials are still insisting on the Islamic core of Egyptian revolution.

“Unfortunately, Mohammad Morsi was inspired by false beliefs, and he failed to run constructive political plan in Egypt. The authorities of Muslim Brotherhood were also putting pressures on Morsi to make him follow their own policies.” Mohammad Dehghan said on Thursday.

Dehghan criticized Mohammad Morsi for pursuing hostile standpoints against Iran, Syria and Palestine. “Morsi had a unique chance and opportunity to establish positive relationships with the oppressed countries in the region, but he pursued unfriendly policies.”

“Egyptians are the sole responsible for the future of their country and government. They should decide about the future of Egypt, and no third parties must intervene in Egypt’s internal affairs. Iran will offer its supports for Islamic revolution of Egypt in any way possible.” Dehghan added.

He declared that accomplishment of Islam and Muslims must be the only goal of Egyptians. “This country used to be a leading Islamic state in the region. We hope the people of Egypt manage to recover their position in the Middle East region.”

Iranian MP warned Egyptians against the penetration of Israel and U.S. in Egypt’s Muslim society. “The officials of Western governments are currently looking to seize the revolution of Egyptians in the hope of securing their interests in region. The people of Egypt should be advised in this regard.”

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