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Iran Khodro Set to Export 1000 Sedans to Tunisia

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Reports suggest that Iran car exports was decreased by over 98% during the first quarter of the new Persian year (started on March 21). Iran Khodro Company, the leading car manufacturer in Iran, is reportedly trying to export its products to the Tunisian car market by the end of this year.

“In order to increase Iran Khodro’s market share in Africa, we are currently negotiating with the Tunisian officials over exporting IKCO’s products to this African state,” said Abdolazim Sadian, IKCO Deputy CEO in export and international affairs.

“Iran Khodro has already started the production of 1000 vehicles for exports to Tunisia. These cars will be exported by the end of 2013,” Sadian continued.

According to local media reports, Iran Khodro Company will export Samand, Rana and Samand Soren to the Tunisian car market. Soren is the flagship product of Iran Khodro, which comes with a driver airbag, seat-belts, headlight height adjuster, and active antenna.

Abdolazim Sadian also went on to say that Iran Khdoro is going to establish an office in Tunisia in the hope of increasing IKCO’s market share in that country.

Iraq, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Syria and Afghanistan are the main markets of IKCO. “We are interested in expanding the foreign markets of Iran Khodro. Groups of marketers and analysts have been dispatched to Libya and Algeria to analyze the potential markets for Iranian cars in those countries,” Abdolazim Sadian added.

Currently, Iran is banned from exporting goods and products to the European markets because of the existing sanctions on the Iranian economy. However, Iran car exports reached $1 billion by 2009.

Iran-Tunisia relations have been reinforced in recent years. Iran is reportedly looking to expand and promote its economic relations with this Arab state. Iranians and Tunisians have exchanged numerous visits over the past few months in order to promote the current relations between the two countries.

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