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.IR Domains Becoming More Popular in Iran

IR Domain Names Iran

Iranians have registered more than 400,000 .IR domains according to the statistics released on July by IRNIC. There are reportedly more than 45 million Internet users in Iran.

In recent years, many companies and individuals have started registering and utilizing .IR domain names for various purposes. Alireza Khaleghi, an Iranian analyst, believes there are several factors encouraging Iranians to use .IR domains.

“Registering .IR domain names cost almost eight times less than registering .ORG and .COM domains. The fluctuations in Iran’s foreign currency exchange markets have increased the prices of registering generic top-level domains. This has simply increased the number of Iranians willing to use .IR domains instead of other TLDs,” Khaleghi remarked in an interview with the Herald Boy on Tuesday.

Alireza Khaleghi says marketing websites and brands using .IR domain names is better and easier than marketing the same product or service using international domains. “As a matter of fact, Iranian companies and organizations are forced to use .IR domain names if they want to advertise in mass media. On the other side, studies suggest that Iranians will more likely visit .IR websites,”

“Unlike the market of generic top-level domains, only 400,000 .IR domain names have been registered by clients. This allows users to take advantage of premium domain names which are still free to register. Also the after-market prices of .IR domain names are quite less than generic top-level domains,” the Iranian marketer and researcher added.

.IR domain names can be registered for less than $2 through the official resellers of IRNIC, the registry of dot-IR country-code top-level domain. IRNIC is managed by the Institute for Studies in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics.

It is worth mentioning that the registration of .IR domains is generally open for Iranians and non-Iranians. However, 3rd-level registrations under sub-domains have varied restrictions and are restricted to Iranian-related entities.

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