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Indonesian Police Arrest 71 Illegal Immigrants from Iran

Illegal Immigrants from Iran in Australia

Indonesian Police announced on Saturday that 71 illegal immigrants, who were trying to leave Indonesia for Australia, have been detained. Accordingly, the illegal immigrants were stuck in sea and they couldn’t manage to rescue themselves from the conditions.

“A Fishman reported the situation to marine police. We managed to rescue all 71 illegal immigrants from hard conditions. Currently, they are in custody and waiting for trial.” A statement published by Indonesian Police read.

Base on the announcement, 14 women and 5 children were among illegal immigrants trying to reach Australia. These persons were intended to apply for asylum in Australia in order to obtain legal residential cards from the Australian government.

During the recent months, the number of illegal immigrants leaving Iran for Australia has been increased dramatically. High unemployment and inflation rates in Iran have made many citizens too look for opportunities in countries other than Iran. Until now, many Iranians have succeeded to receive residential cards in Australia after spending a few months in camps.

Human traffickers usually charge $5000 to $10000 from Iranians in order to transfer them to Australia. Since many years ago, Australia was the number one destination for Iranian immigrants. As the government of Australia has applied stricter conditions in granting residential cards to applicants, many have tried to go Australia illegally.

By 2005, Iranian-Australians had reached 24,588 with 11,536 of these residing in New South Wales. It is worth mentioning that Iranian-Australians have founded and/or participated in senior leadership positions of many major companies, including many Fortune 500 and Australian branch of companies such as GE, Intel, Verizon, Motorola, and AT&T.

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