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Indonesian Envoy Vows to Promote Economic Ties with Iran

Dian Wirengjurit Indonesian Ambassador to Tehran Iran

Dian Wirengjurit, the Indonesian Ambassador to Tehran, said on Monday that Indonesian government is ready to promote its economic ties with Iran, as the new president Hassan Rouhani takes the office.

According to the Indonesian envoy, developed and underdeveloped countries prefer to revive their constructive relations with Islamic Republic of Iran. During the recent years, the Iranian government under the tutelage of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad failed to maintain its positive ties with other countries.

“In order to promote the common economic relations with Iran, a group of businessmen will visit Iran in next month. We have already invited Iranian businessmen, traders and investors to visit Indonesia, as we are interested in establishing better ties with the Iranian government.” Dian Wirengjurit addressed a press-conference on Monday.

Wirengjurit told reporters that the Indonesian government was banned from establishing comprehensive economic ties with Iran due to imposed sanctions on the Middle Eastern nation by the United States and European Union.

“Indonesia used to buy oil from Iran on daily basis. However, the recent economic embargoes made us to reduce oil imports from Iran. Currently, we are buying Iranian oil from third parties. Over the past few months, Indonesia has cut oil imports from Iran by over 50%.” The Indonesian Ambassador to Tehran added.

Dian Wirengjurit went on to mention that volume of trade between Iran and Indonesia has decreased by around 22% compared to 2011. At the same time, the non-oil exports from Indonesia to Islamic Republic of Iran have grown significantly. Also Iran-based tour operators are taking more tourists to Jakarta and Indonesian resorts.

Energy sector plays a pivotal role in the bilateral trade between Indonesia and Iran. It is worth mentioning that Iran and Indonesia are full members of the World Trade Organization (WTO), The Non-Aligned Movement, Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), and Developing 8 Countries. These memberships allow the two states to promote their relationships more effectively.

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