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Increasing Use Of Qualitative Research By Clients in Asia – Qual360 Singapore 2013

Qual360 Asia 2013Qualitative research has long been regarded as a secondary method when it comes to marketing research in Asia. Clients usually have more faith in the results from quantitative research than qualitative research. Well, this has all changed now. In this year’s Qual360 Asia held in Singapore, we saw many of the qualitative case studies presented with robust facts and results. Surely opinions will have changed now after hear those thought-provoking presentations.

The most important take-a ways for the 80 plus delegates were that increasing number of clients in Asia are embracing qualitative research as one of their key methods for collecting consumer insight. Small innovators, tech companies and leading research agencies are also pushing qualitative research techniques to new heights. You can watch the video highlights and download the presentation slides here.

Great examples on how far qualitative research has come were Ericsson’s Jasmeet Sethi presentation on “Taking qualitative research to the cloud” as well as presentation from Medtronic’s Tico Blumenthal. Jasmeet has indicated that application such as Whatsapp might be a good alternative to traditional focus groups as it costs 35% less and there is no need to have a dedicated qual mobile platform. It also provides rich insight that captures in-depth reaction to a real-time event and is able identify causal relationships and emotional measurements.

Tico Blumenthal of Medtronic pointed out that in China they were able to use qualitative research to gain patient insights to develop and produce several medical devices to help to better patient’s life. He recommended that in order to be successful in China, it is better not to use abstract questions but to develop prototypes. Articulate respondents are precious as they tend to provide details insights. He also indicated that directness will often harm your inquiry if the topic is sensitive.

Qualitative research in its practical use was all around at the Qual360 Asia Conference as delegates sat in groups co-creating and brainstorming innovative methods during the co-creation and World Café workshops.

As a qualitative researcher, it is up to us to pick up the right method and technology for each research project. Developments from outside the marketing research industry can provide useful stimuli and tools for the future. The good news is that there is still plenty of space for humans in marketing research. It takes us to match requirements with methodology and technology. Without humans, research methods and technology will never be able to advance consumer insight. Qual360 Asia gave a glimpse of what is already possible and will be possible in the future.

The global Qual360 conference series will continue to provide a global platform for qualitative researchers and technology innovators to connect. The next European edition of Qual360 will take place in Istanbul, February 19-20, 2014.

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