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How to Win Shoppers Through Qualitative Research


Products from P&G’s e.Studyante Program

Curator’s Note:  As some of you might already know, I was appointed as the Magazine Curator for HeraldBoy News. In this first series of articles, I will be reviewing presentations of some of the world’s top brands and agencies. First up is a review of a talk by P&G’s Michael Biscocho where he discussed how to win shoppers through qualitative research at the recent Qualitative 360 Asia conference held in Singapore. If you are interested to invite me to review your talk, please drop me a line.

Much has been said about qualitative research in shopper marketing with two opposing arguments dominating the discussion. On one hand, we have the view that shoppers, while already aware and educated about the various brands in an FMCG company, actually makes the purchase decision in front of the store shelves based mainly on the trade marketing initiatives of the company. On the other hand, there is also an argument that a significant number of shoppers make their purchase decision in their homes, making a list that is 80% of the time followed when doing the actual shopping in-store. The second argument is true for the over 1 million traditional mom-and-pop stores in the Philippines locally called sari-sari stores, the focal point of Michael’s case.

Through qualitative research methodology he calls total shopping journey, Miko was able to find out that many of the excellent product branding initiatives of brand managers in-store, while pleasing to the eyes of the company, are not all value-adding to the purchase decision of these sari-sari store shoppers. His qualitative study has shown that oftentimes the investment allocated to these must be re-channeled in order to be more relevant to the shopper (touching on other stages of the purchase, including moments before going to the store and shopper habits after check-out).

Michael also shared about the recent initiative of P&G Philippines to establish a Go-to-Market/ CSR chassis that drives growth and market share gains across multiple product categories. Coined as the P&G e.Studyante Program, this multi-awarded laptop donation platform which featured a number of P&G brands such as Pampers, Joy and Downy leveraged on these brand’s shared equity despite their differing functionality. Qualitative research proved that the P&G corporate branding (on top of their per-product branding) of these products allowed for a common insight of improving mothers’ lives across the Philippines to be formed in the minds of its 50 million customers in the country.

You can watch Miko’s full video presentation at QUAL360 Asia below:

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