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How Inbound Marketing Helps Outbound Marketing

Inbound marketing has the potential to significantly help outbound marketing efforts. It is typically “pull” style marketing that draws in customers through web searches, premium content, referrals and other means. Outbound marketing is typically mass marketing that indiscriminately speaks to an enormous audience and “pushes” the product directly to them instead of having them find it themselves.

Recall Value

Marketers are quickly learning that inbound marketing has the potential to assist outbound marketing efforts. By pulling in customers through various means, inbound marketing efforts keep the company and its products on the minds of consumers. This means that a “recall value” exists.

Customers who are exposed to the brand and product through the inbound marketing efforts are able to quickly recall their familiarity with the product and its characteristics when they are exposed to it during outbound marketing efforts. The two act to reinforce one another in their own respective ways.

An Extra Layer

Inbound marketing can also help outbound marketing efforts by adding more depth to the larger marketing picture. For example, an outbound marketing advertisement on television that drives customers to the company’s Facebook or Twitter page to vote on a new flavor or style of product will provide the customer with another means of engaging with the brand and the product. This adds a new layer to the marketing of the product in the bigger picture. Inbound marketing essentially offers the customer a chance to interact with the brand, its products and their fellow customers instead of simply being passive observers through the consumption of outbound marketing messages.

Covert Marketing as Opposed to Overt Marketing

Inbound marketing acts to make the customer feel “engaged” with the brand and product lines. Customers feel as though they discovered the brand and products themselves. There’s a certain feeling of empowerment that comes from a customer’s web search, referral or social media use that brings him to a product that he eventually consumes and enjoys. It creates a special type of brand attachment because he found it himself instead of having it spoon fed to him over the airwaves or on the pages of a magazine or a newspaper.

When he later sees the brand and products featured in outbound marketing efforts, he is not only receptive to the outbound marketing effort, but he also identifies with it because his own actions brought him into contact with the company’s inbound marketing efforts and attached him to the product. To the customer, this is a spontaneous series of events, so it means more. This is is the perfect way to develop brand loyalty through inbound marketing and reinforce it with outbound marketing.

Conclusion: Every Business Will Benefit From the Improved Efficiency Provided by Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is all about targeting the right demographics at the ideal time and place. It allows companies to reach customers with unparalleled speed and efficiency. These inbound advertisements also function to improve lead to sale conversions for outbound generated leads, while simultaneously reducing the number of sales-team members that an organization needs to employ. Simply put, inbound marketing has become the most efficient way to advertise


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