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How about a Vest that Massages Your Body While You Work?

De-Stess VestWe all know very well about the large impact that stress has on our health. It deteriorates both our physical and mental state while also putting some negativity in our attitude towards other people. Nobody wants it and despite the ongoing study in order to find a permanent solution to encounter this health risk, not much has been brought forward.

Is the routine stress getting on your nerves, too? How would it feel to have a wearable device that could reduce the levels of stress and discomfort by gently massaging you while you work at the same time? It does seem like a pretty distant target at first but the students of Cornell University think otherwise. They believe that developing such a device is actually quite possible. In fact, they have proved the idea by creating a vest that effectively massages your chest, shoulders, back and torso.

It is an electronic device that uses a number of small motors and piezoelectric cells. With the help of these electrical components, the vest works its way to reduce the stress built up inside you after a long and tiring day of hectic activity.

A molecular neuroscientist, Mary Maida is the one who came up with the idea. She is a huge supporter for medical inventions. Mary and the students of Cornell University’s design, biology and engineering departments have worked together in developing this amazing massage vest.
Initially, the original prototype was merely a vest bought from a local store to which small motors and actuators were attached. Taking advantage of the most recent technology and some creative efforts, the vest was redesigned into a very stylish and comfortable clothing accessory.
The device received a $10,000 cash prize as an Innovation Award from the Cornell School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. With that amount, the team is going to make further improvements and maybe even put in some additional features as well.

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