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Hookah Becoming More Popular in Tehran

Luxury Hookahs in Iran

Just a few years ago, hookah was only popular between elderly people in Iran. Nowadays, many persons including youths are utilizing hookah, also known as a water pipe, on daily basis.

The recent wave of demand has led to a noticeable market in Iran for buying, selling and trading hookah and its accessories. Even some people have started buying luxury hookahs for premium rates.

Currently, a large number of stores in Tehran can be seen offering services related to hookah. Tahmaseb Mirzaei, 57, runs a retail store in Tehran selling hookah’s accessories. He says the demand for this instrument is increasing on daily basis.

“New tobaccos are hitting markets daily, and more people are attracted to use this instrument for vaporizing and smoking flavored tobaccos.” Mirzaei said in an interview with the Herald Boy.

Although smoking using a hookah poses a serious potential health hazard, people ignore the risks associated with using hookah. However, Iran’s Health Ministry failed to put a ban on using hookahs in traditional coffee shops.

“I sell different types of hookahs at my shop. Several customers are ready to pay a lot of money for buying premium hookahs. Luxury water pipes are usually coming from Isfahan and Yazd. They are mostly made by hand in artistic ways.” Mirzaei added.

According to Tahmaseb Mirzaei, hookahs are priced from $30 to $2000 in Tehran’s markets. The premium hookahs are mainly used in luxury restaurants and coffee shops to serve high-class customers.

“Not everybody can afford to buy expensive hookahs. The premium pipe lines are only being sold to special people.” Mirzaei told the Herald Boy.

Hookah was first used by Persians and Indians. Smoking the hookah is gaining popularity in North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia. Iranian expatriates in the United States have managed to open several stores to offer smoking using hookahs.

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