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Hamid Estili Expressed his Support for Mohammad Royanian

Hamid Estili and Mohammad Royanian

Hamid Estili, the former head coach and player of Persepolis FC, said on Friday that officials of Sports Ministry should support Mohammad Royanian, the current President of the Tehran-based football club. Rumors suggest that top-ranking authorities of Sports Ministry are trying to substitute Royanian with a new manager.

“I don’t understand why the officials of Sports Ministry are always looking to introduce a new president for this club. Nowadays, Persepolis needs to take advantage of an stable management system. In my opinion, Royanian should continue his career in Persepolis FC.” Hamid Estili told reporters. Estili in partnership with other ex-players of Persepolis have run a campaign to support Mohammad Royanian.

“I believe that Royanian has done great jobs for this club, and he is entitled to continue his work at this team. In today’s modern football, only experienced managers like Mohammad Royanian can guarantee the successes of their clubs.” Hamid Estili added.

Estili also went on to say that all the fans of Persepolis are currently supporting Mohammad Royanian only because of his achievements with this team.

Ali Daei, the new head coach of Persepolis, has reiterated his support for Royanian too. “I will change my decision over joining Persepolis, in case Royanian leaves this team. We have agreed with Mohammad Royanian over several subjects, and I will only continue my job in Persepolis in presence of Royanian.”

Mohammad Royanian used to serve as Tehran’s police chief. Before being introduced as the president of Persepolis FC, many analysts criticized his decision for accepting this post.

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