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Google introduces new destination functionalities to Google Map

Article-image-google map multiple destinationTechnology today is evolving even as we speak. Every other day we hear of some new updates in hardware or software. Things are happening so fast that it’s hard to keep track of what you need to get your hands on first.
Speaking of software and updates, Google Map has a completely new version that has managed to successfully carry on the tradition of delivering only the best of features and search options. One of its new abilities include the display of multiple routes on a single page, according to a blog post published by Google on Wednesday.
Here is how it works. As per the norm, the user enters an initial location as the starting point along with the required destination and then searches for the directions for that particular route. What’s new and unique about the latest Google Map’s abilities is that users can keep on adding more destinations to that same map and still keep tabs on the original route they had initially entered.
On the addition of a new destination, the view changes on its own to adjust and fit all the destinations onto the same page. You can also shuffle the sequence of those destinations and get an insight on the various date requirements such as mileage or the amount of time needed to travel the route on foot or by car, bike or other vehicle.
On entering the destinations you also get to see a whole roll of photographs at the bottom. This is to ensure that you get to have a good look at the locations you entered. Simply moving the cursor over any photo causes a grey line to appear on the map which indicates exactly where the image was taken from.
Becoming acquainted with never-before-seen places could not have been easier! For trial basis, a routine test was run on the new Map feature and a total of nine destinations were displayed on the same Map page; useful, isn’t it?
Another new feature added to the recently upgraded Google Maps is the option to have information on Upcoming Events at different locations. By typing any venue’s name, you will get details on its exact location as well as a complete list of all the happenings that have been scheduled exclusively to occur at that specific venue.
For the time being, these new abilities of Google Maps are functional for users in the U.S. but will eventually be out for use in other countries, hopefully sometime soon. Till then, keep your fingers crossed and start planning all those tours that you’ve been dreaming about.

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