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Ghasemi Aliabadi: Iranian Nation Supports Hassan Rouhani’s Election

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Iranian Ambassador to Ukraine Akbar Ghasemi Ali Abadi says people will offer their best supports to Iranian President-elect Hassan Rouhani. The reformists’ candidate managed to defeat other conservative nominees in Iran’s 2013 presidential election.

“Iranian nation is so smart. In the most recent election, Iranians elected the best candidate as the new president of Iran. According to people’s views, Hassan Rouhani will receive massive supports from Iranians as soon as he takes presidential office.” Talking to local media, Akbar Ghasemi Ali Abadi noted.

“Unlike the previous version of presidential election, 2013 election concluded without any problems despite negative signals being issued by Western governments. As mentioned, Iranian nation acted intelligently with regard to presidential election.” Ghasemi Ali Abadi added.

The Iranian Ambassador also went on to talk about the future of Iran’s relations with European countries. “In recent years and months, we held several sessions and meetings in the hope of reinforcing current ties between Islamic Republic and European states. We believe that these relations will improve in coming years, as Iran is more likely to pursue updated foreign policies.”

“The embassy of Iran in Ukraine has also initiated several programs in order to establish positive ties with neighboring countries including Belarus and Moldova. Recently, we invited Moldavian journalists to Iran to make them more familiar with the economic potentials of Islamic Republic.” Akbar Ghasemi Ali Abadi concluded.

Currently, Iran has cut its ties and relations with major European countries such as France, England, Italy and Germany. Iran accuses these countries of making false statements regarding the nuclear activities of Islamic Republic. European Union has already imposed fatal sanctions on Iran’s economy.

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