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Ghalibaf Warns Against Possible Earthquakes in Tehran

Earthquakes in Iran

As Iran is one of the most seismically active countries in the world, Tehran is being crossed by several major fault lines. Analysts and socialists have repeatedly warned against possible trembles in Tehran, and urged the city officials to improve public facilities in order to cope with the massive outcomes of possible quakes in Tehran.

Mohammad Baghe Ghalibaf, Tehran Mayor, says governmental and private companies should work jointly to reinforce fragile infrastructures of Tehran. He believes that ‘earthquakes are the biggest and most important threats to Tehran’.

Addressing a group of analysts during a conference held at Tehran, Ghalibaf said: “At the being time, there are several active faults surrounding Tehran. People and officials must be advised that any possible earthquakes can easily turn Tehran into ruin. The current structure of city and houses in downtown is the major problem of Tehran.”

“Private and civil companies should work with each other to help citizens reconstruct their homes in the hope of making them more resistant to jolts. The Iranian government, banks and financial institutions should also allocate low-interest loans to people.” Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, the former Iran’s police commander, reiterated.

It is good to know that Iran suffers frequent earthquakes, with small tremors happening almost daily. A few days ago, a number of weak earthquakes jolted Tehran, and made people worried about the future. Once again, analysts have asked government to take serious measures in this regard. Not only have these earthquakes killed thousands of people in Iran, but they have also led to waste of valuable natural resources.

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