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General Radan: Iranian Police not to Violate Privacy Rights of Citizens

Iranian police Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Radan

Over the past few years, Iranian government has launched different types of plans in the hope increasing social security in Iran’s Muslim community. Some of these plans were extremely against freedom of citizens, and the government received huge criticisms from socialists and experts in this regard.

Second-in-commander of the Iranian police, Brigadier General Ahmad-Reza Radan, said on Monday that the main goal of Iranian police is providing citizens with ‘ultimate security’. He declared that police forces and officers do not intend to violate privacy rights of citizens in no way.

“As mentioned before, securing the privacy rights of citizens and people is one of top priorities of Iranian police and the local government. However, sometimes we need to take action against people, including both men and women, who try to break Islamic rules and guidelines.” Brigadier General Ahmad-Reza Radan addressed a press-conference at Tehran.

“Although Iranians are free to choose their lifestyles and clothing, they should also follow current laws governing these topics. Nowadays, a number of men and women roaming in streets do not wear clothes according to Islamic values. We kindly urge people to pay extra attention to these subjects when entering the community.” Ahmad-Reza Radan added.

Brigadier General also went on to reiterate that Iranian police is only looking to establish friendly and positive relations with citizens. “That said, we don’t allow anyone to intervene and violate the privacy rights of people.” Radan concluded.

Ahmad-Reza Radan has been repeatedly criticized for running “Public Security Plan”, in which thugs were sometimes beaten on camera in front of neighborhood inhabitants, or forced to wear hanging watering cans used for lavatory ablutions around their necks.

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