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Gathering insight about your work-out with Nike+ Running Shoes

Nike ShoeThere is nothing quite like the kind of perfect workout you get with the help of an iPod or iPhone, iPod sensor and a pair of Nike+ running shoes. People who are regular with their exercise routine and assign high authorities to healthy muscle-building and toning workouts need to know about the benefits of having your iPod with you while working out.

With just the right combination of music, physical activity statuses and real-time feedback, you can truly make your routine workout into a fun and enjoyable activity that is not only easy to cope with but also smooth enough to fit into your daily schedule.

All you have to do is get hold of your iPod nano, iPod touch or iPhone 3GS and higher versions along with a Nike+ iPod sensor and your cool pair of Nike+ fitness shoes. Beneath the insole of your shoe, there is a tiny pocket made specifically for the sensor. Place the sensor into the pocket. You don’t need any receivers because Apple’s iPhone 3GS and higher versions and the iPod nano/touch, all come with support for the Nike+ iPod.

When you open up the menu, you will see a list of options and from that you are to choose your custom workout. There are different workouts that are categorized on the basis of distance covered, time taken and number of calories used.

For more entertainment, you can opt for Nike Sport Music or select and play your own personal songs from the playlists. Suppose at some point during your workout, you seem to lose the spirit and feel exhausted, just set the device to play a power song that will help you increase your pace and get back on track.

Now, when you are performing the workout; walking, running or doing any other physically strenuous activity, your iPhone or iPod displays the distance, speed, time and calories burned. Feedback is provided when you reach the half-mark of your target destination and once the workout is over, you will receive the details on your iDevice.

Afterwards, the fitness records are sent to where you can see your progress and share it with whoever you want. How’s that for a complete insight about your work-out!

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