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Gaining Deeper Insights Across Customer Profiles Using Sensory Analysis

Lexus SpeakersMunendra Dixit, project director at AMRB, and Bharati Dixit, research executive of GMR Al Futtaim Group at Lexus AE, made a presentation during the Qualitative360 Europe 2013 in Berlin, Germany. The presentation explained how sensory analysis, which can aid studies that go beyond traditional qualitative research, can be harnessed to gain a deeper understanding of diverse customer profiles.

Munendra Dixit described experiences as “living” in consumers’ minds, and these experiences produce neuropaths that govern consumers’ choices and their subsequent buying decisions. What sensory analysis aims to accomplish is to record consumers’ memories and emotions for careful scrutiny.

He said that marketing needs are evolving. During the 1980s, a marketer needs to have a unique selling proposition handy in order to entice buyers. In the 1990s, an emotional connection is needed in order to effectively sell, while in the 2000s, marketers are more likely to successfully sell their products and services by using a brand-based proposition. In the future, he predicts a type of holistic selling proposition.

Dixit emphasized the importance of creating unique experiences around the brand, or simply put,make a consumer fall in love with a brand. This results in having products that impart novel experiences to consumers. A sensorial branding experience, on the other hand, is one that engages all the five senses. Advertisements were then shown to illustrate how they embody multiple sensorial experiences.

Market researchers should first understand the journey of a research campaign that can lead to such marketing innovations–as exemplified by products accompanied by novel experiences. Understanding that journey can be challenging. It is because either the consumer may not know what he wants from the brand or even if he knows, he has no motivation to tell market researchers what he knows–especially if he can get the experience from another brand.

All in all, market researchers can look into the various sensorial experiences of consumers–what flavors they find delicious, what color combinations they find most pleasing to look at, and so on–and then investigate those sensorial attributes to figure out how best they can enhance consumers’ perception of the brand.

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