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Fake ‘Snail Creams’ Cause Controversy in Iran

Kerem Halazun Iran Snail Cream

‘Kerem Halazun’ is the name of an Iranian beauty product which has been advertised massively in state television channels. Sepideh Mahan Inc was the name of the producer of this type of snail creams in Iran.

According to local media reports, studies suggest that Kerem Halazun was not developed in the country, and it was being imported illegally to Iran. Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) has also made some $10 million for advertising the fake snail creams. It is estimated that owners of Sepideh Mahan have earned around $30 million by selling their so-called ‘homemade snail cream’ to naive customers.

Local probers have suggested that Sepideh Mahan Inc was affiliated with foreign-based companies. The similar product was widely promoted in satellite television channels too. According to Iranian penal code, advertising services and products in satellite televisions is illegal and punishable. However, the officials of IRIB didn’t reprimand Sepideh Mahan for supporting foreign-based TV stations.

Iranian netizens have condemned the Ministry of Health and Medical Education for approving the product and issuing the necessary licenses. Currently, the local companies interested in advertising their beauty products via state TV channels need to receive authorizations from the officials of Health Ministry. Some believe that officers of Health Ministry have accepted bribes from Sepideh Mahan Company in this regard.

Healing and regenerating damaged tissues by removing damaged cells and imperfections were among slugs of Sepideh Mahan Company for selling their fake product. Base on advertisements, the Iranian snail cream was able to delay the aging process of skin tissues and protect against oxidation action of free radicals.

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