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Facebook Marketing Strategies To Get You Started

Facebook MarketingThe number of people that use Facebook daily has grown tremendously in the last five years. With the increase in online sales and shopping, learning the art of Facebook marketing has become all the more important. There are new features on the social media website that are targeted at businesses and sellers. Using them correctly makes the difference between just having an online presence and actually making a profit out of it.

First of all, Facebook marketing requires the creation of a Facebook Page. Once the page is set up with the relevant details, it can be used in the following methods:

Displaying Your Advertisement
On the side of the main newsfeed, there is a section for advertisements. These advertisements are seen frequently and a number of users click on them. They are displayed to all users, even if they have not liked a page. They offer the maximum amount of visibility on the site and are the best for marketing. Facebook advertisements work best when there is a sale or when new products are being launched.

Using Promoted Posts
Facebook users deal with a lot of content when they scroll through their newsfeed. Posts by pages can be easily missed or be forgotten within a day. Having promoted posts allows one post to be visible throughout a specified period on newsfeed. It has a lowered chance of being missed.

The posts are sponsored and should be used whenever possible. To make the best use of Facebook marketing in this case, the post show have strong content and a pull for the users. This ensures the continued visibility of the post through Shares, Likes and Comments.

Getting The Likes
For any form of Facebook marketing to be successful, there has to be an audience present. Spending money on a promoted post that reaches out to only a hundred or so users is not the best strategy. Getting as many ‘Likes’ as possible is necessary. Have a Facebook link on your webpage and all other forms of internet presence.

Advertise your Facebook page on letterheads, company stationery and even business cards. Blogs and other forms of content creation should also be tagged with the link, so that the page can keep getting ‘Likes’.

Boost User Interest
Posting constant updates about nothing in particular can dull the interest of your users. Research shows that users interact more with photographs, illustrations and memes. For the best Facebook marketing, use all three of these in lieu of text-based updates for better interaction with the fans.

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