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Emirates Keep on Deporting Iranians from Dubai

Iranians in Emirates

During the past months, Emirates have expelled more than 500 Iranians who used to reside in Dubai legally. According to local media reports, the Arab state doesn’t offer any reason for this move. But socialists suggest that Emirates is taking anti-Shiaa policies as hard-liners have managed to take the power in this country.

Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar, Iranian interior minister, has previously criticized the government of Emirates for deporting Iranian nationals. “Such actions only damage the positive relations of Iran and Emirates. We kindly urge the officials of Dubai to revise their views on Iranians’ operations.”

Unofficial statistics suggest that thousands of Iranian businessmen have already invested billions of dollars in Emirates. Currently, Iran’s economy has been sanctioned by Western governments over Islamic Republic’s nuclear case.

“The government of Emirates has decided to limit the length of residence of Iranians in this country. However, they have stopped deporting Iranian tradesmen, as the economy of Emirates is heavily depended on Iranian assets.” Masoud Daneshmand, Head of Iran-UAE Chamber of Commerce, told a press-conference on Saturday.

Daneshmand also went on to turn down rumors suggesting Emirates’ anti-Shiaa policies. “I am Muslim. I am Shiaa, but I don’t have any problems in Dubai.”

In recent years, Iranians have faced with many difficulties and problems in Emirates. Iranian businesses have a major presence in the UAE. Around 8,000 Iranian traders and trading firms are registered in the emirate, according to the local Iranian Business Council. Ethnic Iranians are estimated to account for roughly 10 percent of Dubai’s population of 2 million.

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