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Education Ministry of Iran to Employ Clergymen in Schools

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Mohammad Bonyadi, Iranian deputy minister of Education, says seminaries must prepare Mullahs to serve in schools, and teach Islamic lessons to children and youngsters. Accordingly, the Education Ministry of Iran is planning to employ clergymen in the hope of reinforcing Islamic values between Iranian students across the country.

“Until now, we have managed to hire 21,000 clergymen to serve in schools. At the time being, we need to employ around 120,000 clergymen in order to fill out the requests from students and their parents.” Mohammad Bonyadi said during an interview with state television.

Bonyadi declared that Education Ministry is currently working on a project to dispatch clergymen to almost 60,000 schools in country. “In order to achieve this goal, we should employ at least 60,000 priests.”

“The current generation of students in Iran needs to take advantage of religious leaders and resources. At this time, the enemies of Islam have developed different tools to deviate youngsters from the way approved and recommended by Islamic guidelines.” Mohammad Bonyadi reiterated.

Deputy Minister also went on to add that Western governments are working hard to attract Iranian children via Internet and satellite channels. “I kindly urge the parents to care about the entertainment of their children. Internet and other communication tools must be used under the direction and guidance of elderly people. American and European governments have allocated massive budgets to make youngsters unwilling to follow Islamic terms and regulations.”

In recent years, the government of Iran has worked on different cultural projects to fortify the position of Islamic lifestyles between ordinary people.

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