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Ebrahimzadeh Hails Babak Zanjani for Investing in Football

Mansour Ebrahimzadeh Head Coach of Rah Ahan FC Sorinet

Mansour Ebrahimzadeh, the head coach of Rah Ahan FC (Sorinet), says Babak Zanjani has made a right decision for investing in football inside Iran. Zanjani is one of the most famous Iranian tycoons, who usually invest in abroad.

With regard the conditions of his team, Ebrahimzadeh said: “Until now, we have managed to finalize the list of the players. We might transfer-in two or three quality foreigner players to the squad, but I think we have done the major part of the job.”

“We have also held several friendly matches with other clubs. These matches are constructive and useful in general, but we need to perform better in real matches. The new owners of Rah Ahan FC are expecting us to qualify for the next version of AFC Champions League. They have invested a lot in this club, so they are looking for their return on investments.” Mansour Ebrahimzadeh, addressed a group of journalists on Friday.

During the recent days, local media reported that Rah Ahan FC is negotiating with Iranian top players such as Mojtaba Jabbari. “I am always interested in adding top quality players to my team. But clubs like Rah Ahan FC cannot satisfy this kind of players. Mojtaba Jabbari is looking to play in AFC Champions League. As Rah Ahan had failed to qualify for this tournament, we didn’t have any chance to sign with him.” Mansour Ebrahimzadeh concluded.

Mansour Ebrahimzadeh used to manage Zob Ahan from 2008 to 2012. Under his tutelage, the Isfahan-based football club qualified to finals of ACL but was defeated and became runner up.

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