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Cyber Police: Hackers Targeting Android Devices in Iran

Smart Phone Users in Iran

Over the past few years, many Iranians have bought Android devices because of their encouraging performance. However, a large number of Android clients in Iran don’t install security software on their devices.

Iranian Cyber Police have recently warned of the increasing number of hackers targeting Android devices in Iran. Apparently, Iranian users have become interesting victims for international hackers. According to new reports, Russian and Chinese hackers are attempting to take control of Android devices in Iran.

Ali Asghar Ayan, an Iranian security analyst, says: “Android devices are becoming more popular in Iran on daily basis. Recently, a large number of cheap phones powered by Android operating system have been imported by businessmen and privately-held companies to Iran. This has made many Iranians to buy Android devices, which are mostly affordable in domestic markets.”

“Unfortunately most Iranians don’t have any idea of security software, and they usually don’t install such programs on their smart phones. Currently, Google Play and the other major app stores designed for Android devices are not available for Iranian users.” Ayan said in an interview with the Herald Boy on Monday.

Google and Samsung have already banned Iranian clients from accessing their app stores due to international sanctions on Iran.

Ayan notes that no company has published any statistics with regard to the number of infected devices in Iran. “The unofficial app stores are great places for hackers to distribute their malwares and malicious software. I kindly urge Iranians to stop downloading applications from unofficial sources.”

Webmasters and local start-ups have recently opened various app stores in Iran to serve the hungry clients. Earlier this month, Iran’s Ministry of Science and Technology announced that some 100,000 people visit Iran-based app stores to download the latest applications available for their Android devices. The Iranian government is currently supporting in-house app stores in the country.

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