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Chitgar Artificial Lake Expected to Reduce Tehran’s Air Pollution

Chitgar Artificial Lake

Tehran Municipally officially opened Chitgar artificial lake last month. The lake was constructed under the management of Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf. Although he no longer serves as the mayor of Tehran, members of Tehran City Council are considering selecting him as the Mayor for an additional term.

Based on the statistics released on Monday by Tehran Municipally, almost 30,000 citizens visit Chitgar Lake every day. Visitors are offered free services and facilities on site. Analysts suggest that this number will increase since more people will start travelling after the holy month of Ramadan.

Nahid Mohebbizadeh, 47, says she takes her children to Chitgar Lake at weekends. “My children love this lake, and they like playing at Chitgar’s playgrounds. I also rent bicycles for them to ride.”

Regarding the security of the lake and Chitgar Park, Nahid added: “The security forces and police officers have active presence in that location. This makes people sure that police monitor the park carefully. I have not ever faced any problem in Chitgar.”

According to local media reports, the lake is expected to reduce Tehran’s air pollution. Mohsen Gonabadi, a taxi driver, believes that the Tehran Municipally needs to construct more parks and lakes to reduce air pollution in the Iranian capital. “In my opinion, the lake can play an important role in clearing Tehran’s air, but more actions should be taken in this regard.”

At this time, Tehran citizens are badly suffering from air pollution. Chitgar Lake is currently the biggest artificial lake in the Middle East. It is located beside the Chitgar Forest Park.

Analysts suggest that opening this lake will increase Tehran’s revenue from tourism sector. Shirin Jannati, an Iranian economist, says: “During the recent years, Tehran’s facilities for visitors have improved dramatically. Chitgar Lake can bring many tourists to Tehran, as it also offers luxury facilities and inns.”

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