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Chinese Car Manufacturers to Supply Spare Parts to Iranian Companies

Iran Car Manufacturers

According to local media reports, Iranian and Chinese car manufacturers are negotiating over providing car spare parts to Iran-based companies. The recent rounds of sanctions on Iran’s economy have made many troubles for Iranian car manufacturers. Currently French companies are unable to sell spare parts to car manufacturers of Iran due to economic embargoes.

“The officials and managers of Iran Khodro and Saipa Group have already started their negotiations with Chinese companies in the hope of bypassing economic sanctions, which have severely hit Iranian automotive industry.” Shahram Azadi, an Iranian scholar, told local media on Tuesday.

As the political ties between Iran and China are positive and promising, Azadi believes that Chinese car manufacturers will assist Iranian companies to circumvent economic embargoes.

“I personally don’t agree with importing, assembling and producing Chinese cars in Iran. A few years ago, Iran’s automotive industry was far ahead of Chinese car industry. The best solution for overcoming economic embargoes on long-term is investing on expanding local products rather than assembling foreign-made cars.” Shahram Azadi reiterated.

“During the last decade, Iranian car manufacturers managed to establish research and development centers inside the country. Founding and investing in those centers led to the production of homemade cars such as Samand, which is currently being exported to other countries and international markets.” Shahram Azadi added and urged the Iranian government to work on this proposal.

“By lifting the economic sanctions, Iran’s automotive industry will flourish.” Azadi concluded.

It is good to know that automotive industry in Iran is the second most active industry of the country, after its oil and gas industry, accounting for 10% of Iran’s GDP.

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