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Iranian Economists Ask Government to Expel Afghan Labors

Unofficial statistics show that almost 2 million job opportunities have been occupied by illegal Afghan refugees in Iran. At the time being, hundreds of thousands of illegal Afghan refugees are residing, living and working in Iran. Economists argue that Iranian contractors usually refuse to hire local labors since they can take advantage of cheap Afghan workers. During the recent years, Afghan labors have t ...

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Tehran Stock Exchange Affected by the New Round of U.S. Sanctions

A few days ago, the U.S. senate passed a new bill which enables government to impose additional economic embargoes on Iran. In recent months, Iranian and American officials have failed to reach an agreement over Islamic Republic’s nuclear case. The main index of Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) reached a new record of 52,244 units on Monday. However the recent announcement of U.S. senate reduced the main index b ...

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Iran Khodro Rejects Peykan Rumors

Currently, Iranian car manufacturers are experiencing difficulties in producing new cars as they have been sanctioned by European governments. French corporations used to supply the main parts of the necessary raw materials to Iranian companies for manufacturing new cars. A few days ago local media in Iran reported that Iran Khodro will start manufacturing Peykan in near future. Seven years ago, Iran Khodro ...

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Iranian Drug Stores Experience Difficulties in Ordering New Medicines

As State Welfare Organization of Iran has failed to pay its debts to local drug stores in Iran, many of pharmacies are unable to order new drugs since they have lost their spending power. Almost half of Iranians are currently using the insurance services offered by State Welfare Organization. This insurance also includes medical services. During the recent months, the Welfare Organization has not paid its d ...

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Iranian Financial Institutions to not Increase Home Loans

As the inflation rate is growing on daily basis in Iran, Iranian banks and financial institutions are not intended to increase home loans. Currently, Iranian governmental banks offer cheap loans to citizens for buying new homes and apartments, but the spending power of these loans are too low. Ali Hosseinpour, an Iranian economist, said on Sunday that local banks should increase home loans and mortgages. “U ...

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Iranian MP Urges Rownahi to Establish an Independent Central Bank

Iranian lawmaker Seyyed Nasser Mousavi Largani believes that Islamic Republic’s next government must establish an independent central bank in Iran in order to control domestic financial markets more efficiently than before. “Unfortunately, Central Bank of Iran (CBI) failed to control financial markets efficiently in country. The government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad applied its own false policies on the operati ...

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Iran’s Finance Minister: I’m Worried about the Future of Subsidy Reform Plan

Iranian Economy Minister Seyed Shamseddin Hosseini said on Saturday that he is worried about the future of subsidy reform plan in Iran. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the current president of Islamic Republic, has done all he could to run subsidy reform plan in country. However, the poor management of his deputies caused numerous problems for Iran’s economy and increased inflation and unemployment rates in country si ...

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Iran’s Textile Companies Increase Exports by 80%

As the rate of importing Chinese textiles to Iran had been increased dramatically in recent years, Iranian textile companies are working hard to increase their exports to neighboring states. A new study conducted by Iran Customs Administration shows that Iranian textile industries have managed to increase their exports by 80% over the last 12 months. According to this study, Iranian companies have exported ...

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Dajmar: Iran Needs National Unity for Bypassing Economic Embargoes

As the Western governments have increased the level of sanctions on Iran’s economy in recent years, Managing Director of the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines, Mohammad Hossein Dajmar calls for a national unity for bypassing international economic embargoes on Iran. “Unfortunately, the recent sanctions have affected all economic sectors of Iran. In order to repair these damages, we need to establish a ...

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