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CastAR Glasses – A New Addition to the Augmented Reality World

Cast ARHow would you like to watch your favorite movie in the form of holographic 3D projections right before you? For decades, scientists and technology experts have been struggling to achieve what has finally become possible. castAR is an augmented reality and virtual reality system that projects holographic displays. With a quick and accurate tracking solution, the system keeps your 3D view in place and lets you move in it.

The castAR glasses aim to dissolve the barrier between the real and virtual worlds. For this purpose, the system uses the Magic Wand and RFID Tracking Grid peripherals. While the Magic Wand acts like a joystick and allows for controlling things in space, the RFID Tracking Grid lets you track, identify and augment objects.

The castAR system consists of two major components. These are a pair of spectacles and a surface for projection. There are two micro-projectors on the frames above each eye and these projectors cast the holographic 3D image onto the surface. By scanning for infra-red identification markers, a small camera in between the projectors enables the system’s software to adjust how the view will appear to the wearer.

Video signals are sent via an HDMI connection and the camera is connected through a USB port on the computer.

The surface material is a retro-reflective sheeting similar to the one used for traffic signals. This material bounces most of the light back to the glasses and there is negligible scattering. Therefore, many people can use a single surface without having their personal “views” interrupted.

Keeping it comfortable, the pair of spectacles has been designed to weigh no more than 100 grams and they can be easily worn over prescription glasses, too. There is no need for calibrating the goggles. The glasses are very flexible and come with highly active shutters that have a 50% duty cycle. Would you buy it?

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