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Bahonar: Iran to Continue Enriching Uranium under Hassan Rouhani

Mohammad Reza Bahonar Iran Majlis

As Hassan Rouhani takes office as Iran president, Mohammad Reza Bahonar says the Iranian government will continue enriching uranium under Rouhani. According to local media reports, Rouhani has already reiterated that he will pursue ‘softer’ policies over Iran’s nuclear case, which has turned into a big problem for the country.

Member of Iran’s Parliament believes that Islamic Republic of Iran will not change its main position with regard to utilizing peaceful nuclear energy.

“Iranian nation has endured the pains of international sanctions over the past few years. Islamic Republic of Iran will not stop or suspend enriching uranium under the new president. However, Iran is ready to cooperate with international organizations and agencies in this regard.” The first deputy speaker of Majlis said on Friday.

Iran has previously signed nuclear non proliferation treaty (NPT). Islamic Republic has also allowed the agents of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to perform investigations in Iran’s nuclear sites inside the country.

Israel and the U.S. government have repeatedly accused Tehran of developing nuclear weapons and arms. Subsequently a number of sanctions have been imposed on Iran to ban the country from pursuing its nuclear program.

“According to international laws and regulations, all counties are allowed to use nuclear energy in peaceful way. Iran is going to use the nuclear energy for positive manners, and we don’t mean to develop nuclear weapons to threat the existence of human being.” Bahonar added.

He also blamed the U.S. government for targeting civilians by nuclear weapons before. “Some countries and governments have already proved their real intentions. In my opinion, global institutions should reprimand these states for misusing the nuclear energy, which can be used for peaceful purposes by other countries.”

It is worth mentioning that the nuclear program of Iran was launched in the 1950s with the help of the United States as part of the Atoms for Peace program.

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