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Bagher Hosseini Censures U.S. Role in Egypt’s Developments

United States Role in Egyptian Crisis

In past few days, officials of Islamic Republic have made numerous comments about the on-going developments of Egypt. The fate of Egypt will have a direct effect on the role of Islamic Republic in regional issues.

Sayyed Bagher Hosseini, a member of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Executive Committee, says Egyptians should elect the next president without interferences and   pressures from the United States government.

“All the people of Egypt are willing to establish a progressing and improved country. Despite having one of the richest cultures in world, Egypt has failed to find its position in the Middle East region.” Sayyed Bagher Hosseini told the Herald Boy.

“It is better for Egyptians to detect the best solution in order to end the current crisis. I personally believe that conflicts between political parties of Egypt should be resolved as soon as possible. Continuing these conditions will not benefit the people of Egypt. Local politicians in that country should advise ordinary people in this regard.” Bagher Hosseini reiterated.

Iranian MP called on Egyptians to support the next government. “People must support the next Egyptian government. This is the main factor of establishing an improved country in these days.”

High-ranking officials of the Iranian government have earlier accused Mohammad Morsi for setting up positive ties with Israel. Sayyed Bagher Hosseini rejects this idea. “Morsi didn’t have good relations with the governments of Israel and United States. If so, he would receive massive supports from the Western states. Note that, American politicians are always looking to secure their own interests in the Middle East region, and Mohammad Morsi was a major barrier for their purposes.”

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