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Analysts Call on Iranian Government to Stop Wasting Money on ‘Halal Internet’

Halal Internet

‘Halal Internet’ is the name of a new project presented by Iran’s former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2009. Accordingly, the Iranian government is working to cut the access of citizens to World Wide Web. Instead, the government will provide Internet services to clients via local networks, already known as Intranet.

During the recent years, analysts have repeatedly urged Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to resolve the digital divide between Iran and the developed countries rather than launching ‘Halal Internet’.

Mohsen Haghverdi, an Iranian analyst, says the government should start providing high-speed Internet services to clients at cheap rates instead of spending large amounts of money in order to ‘re-invent Internet’.

“As a matter of fact, the Iranian government is trying to re-invent Internet. This ludicrous project doesn’t offer any opportunities to Iranians.” Haghverdi said in an interview with the Herald Boy on Friday.

Last week, Hassan Rouhani took office as the new president of Iran. “He should make some changes with regard to such types of projects, which are simply wasting the resources of the country.” Mohsen added.

“Iranians are currently suffering from low-quality Internet services. These problems have been discussed many times before, but it seems nobody wants to resolve them.” Mohsen Haghverdi complains about the attitude of Iranian officials.

He says the neighboring country Afghanistan is now offering better Internet services compared to Iran. “The poorest countries in the world have understood the potential of Internet and ICT sector. However, Iranian officials are always trying to limit the access of citizens to Internet.”

According to Iran’s Science and Technology ministry, more than 45 million Iranians are actively using Internet. Over the past few years, Iranians have managed to launch many successful web-based businesses.

It is worth mentioning that in 1993 Iran became the second country in the Middle East to be connected to the Internet.

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