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Ali Daei Pays Tribute to His New Players

Head Coach of Persepolis FC Ali Daei

The new head coach of Persepolis FC, Ali Daei, says that all members of this team are among high quality players in Iran, and the club will be able to claim the title of Persian Gulf League in upcoming season. In less than 30 days, the new version of Iran’s Persian Gulf will be started.

Addressing a group of reporters in Tehran, Ali Daei talked about the conditions of his team. “Fortunately, we have managed to hold several training sessions in recent weeks, and this will help us to perform better in upcoming league. On the other hand, Persepolis had failed to win any cups in last two seasons, but we are preparing our players in the best ways possible.”

The managers of Persepolis have not transferred any ‘ace’ player to their team during the pre-season transfer window. “Well, our first priority was transferring valuable players to the team. The new young players of Persepolis will do better than former stars of this team. We will work hard to win the title of Persian Gulf in next season, as we are trying to do our best for this club.” Ali Daei added.

He also went on to request politicians to stay away from Persepolis internal issues. “I will not allow any politicians or governmental organizations to apply their own policies in our club. I will announce my resignation; in case I feel external figures are making decisions for Persepolis.”

Daei has previously managed Persepolis from 2009 to 2011. Under his tutelage, Reds won Hazfi Cup for two times.

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