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Aghamiri Links Iranian Ministers to ‘Sedition’ Leaders

Sedition in Iran

Recently, new Iranian president Hassan Rouhani announced the names of his favorite ministers. Based on Iran’s Constitution, Members of Parliament should approve or disapprove the eligibility and qualification of the nominated ministers.

Hojjatoleslam Seyyed Mohammad Reza Aghamiri, an Iranian conservative politician, says several of the proposed ministers have strong affiliations with the leaders of ‘sedition’. The word of sedition refers to 2009–10 Iranian election protests organized by opposition parties inside and outside Iran.

“A few of the proposed ministers are not eligible to take the office. In fact, they have previously declared their clear support for the leaders of sedition. Most of them do not recognize Iran’s legal nuclear activities. These people are not entitled to serve for the Iranian government until they express regret over their past comments.” Mohammad Reza Aghamiri said on Tuesday.

Aghamiri recommends Members of Parliament to review the resumes of suggested ministers meticulously. “Some agents may seduce MPs for approving the proposed ministers. MPs are actually appointed by Iranian nation to Majlis, and they should act behalf of the Iranian people. So I kindly urge them to do their job in the best possible way.”

The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has yet to withdraw his applications for the nominated ministers over heavy criticisms from conservative politicians.

Ali Musazadeh, a political analyst, says Rouhani should continue supporting his ministers. “According to the Constitution, Hassan Rouhani can take advantage of his power and influence. In my opinion, he should carry on negotiations with MPs over the status of proposed ministers.”

“Only a few conservatives raise questions over Hassan Rouhani’s choice of ministers. The majority of Iranian MPs have positive views about the proposed ministers. Si I think most of the nominated ministers will get approved by MPs in near future.” Ali Musazadeh told the Herald Boy on Tuesday.

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