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Afrasiabi: Iranians are Capable of Exporting Software to Other Countries

Iranian Programmers Export Software

Tehran Province Guidance Bureau Cultural-Media Deputy, Mohammad Sadegh Afrasiabi, said on Tuesday that Iranian programmers and start-ups are capable of exporting software and related services to other countries.

“Fortunately the local universities in Iran have managed to instruct programmers appropriately. According to statistics released by Iran’s Science and Technology Ministry, local companies have succeeded to export software solutions to other countries in past two years.” Mohammad Sadegh Afrasiabi told local media.

Iranian companies exported $90 million worth of software solutions in last Persian year. “Iran is capable of exporting up to $1 billion software and related services to other countries. Currently, large companies from the neighboring states and South American nations are buying their necessary software solutions from Iran-based developers.” Afrasiabi added.

Mohammad Sadegh Afrasiabi declared the support of Iranian government for privately-held institutions. “Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in cooperation with other governmental organizations is ready to offer full supports to companies and individuals willing to invest in this profitable sector.”

“Local programmers can promote Islamic and Iranian lifestyles and ideologies in the best possible way using this channel.” Afrasiabi concluded.

IT analysts and experts believe that the Internet filtering system discourages interested parties from investing in this sector. According to independent studies conducted by international institutions, around 54% of websites in the world are officially blocked in Iran.

“Currently, Iranian users and Internet clients are in need of applications working with social networking websites. These kinds of websites are officially blocked by the government. Unfortunately Iranian programmers and developers are missing a large number of opportunities due to current restrictions.” Hashem Alizadeh, an Iranian programmer, told the Herald Boy.

Iran’s IT Ministry has already announced that 45 million users are using Internet services in the country. Although some of them succeed to circumvent Internet filtering system, many of them fail to bypass governmental restrictions.

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