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Afghan-Iranians Cannot Submit Applications for Naturalization

Afghan Iranians Cannot Submit Applications for Naturalization

According to unofficial statistics, around one million Afghans are currently living in Iranian cities. But only a fraction of this population is legally allowed to live inside Iran. The interior ministry of Iranian government usually applies strict rules and conditions for issuing allowances to Afghan citizens for residing in Iran.

Seyed Ahmad Gheshmi, general manager of Civil Registration Department of Tehran Province, said on Thursday that Iran’s interior ministry will not confirm the applications for naturalization submitted by Afghan-Iranians. A number of Afghan refugees have married with Iranian girls during the recent years, and their children are facing with numerous problems in Iran.

“Base on current bylaws and conditions, we are not allowed to accept naturalization applications from Afghan-Iranians. We have rejected to issue national identification cards for people whose fathers or mother are coming from other countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.” Seyed Ahmad Gheshmi told a press-conference on Thursday.

It is good to mention that thousands of Afghan men married Iranian women during their residence in Iran. Most of these marriages are recorded in cities of Tehran, Zabol, Mashhad and the other border cities. Afghan-Iranian children are mostly unable to take advantage of public services offered by government to Iranian citizens.

Iranian government always takes care of refugees referred by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). However, they cannot obtain Iranian citizenship or permanent residency, and live in Iran under time-limited condition of stay.

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