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Abu Torabi-Fard Blames Salafis for Pursuing Anti-Islam Policy

Hojjat ol-Islam Mohammad Hassan Abu Torabi-Fard

Iran’s First Deputy Speaker of the Majlis (parliament), Hojjat ol-Islam Mohammad Hassan Abu Torabi-Fard, says the extremist groups of Muslims, especially Salafi movement, should stop pursuing wrong policies, which are actually hurting the reputation of Islam and Muslims in the world.

“We kindly urge Salafists to stop pursuing anti-Islam policies. These movements cause dangerous disagreements between Sunnis and Shias. In today’s modern world, nobody can tolerate the recent actions taken by Salafis against human being.” Mohammad Hassan Abu Torabi-Fard remarked in an interview with local media on Sunday.

Extremist groups following the guidelines and tips of Salafi movement usually target foreigners and non-Muslim communities. During the recent years, Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly condemned the measures taken by radical Islamic groups against human being.

Abu Torabi-Fard believes that some Western governments in partnership with Israel are supporting Salafi movement in the hope of reducing the power and influence of Islam in European and American communities.

“Islamic states must be warned against the supports of U.S. government for Salafi movement. The main intention of radical groups is creating discords between Muslims, and don’t allow them to live with each other peacefully.” Iranian MP declared the support of Israel for these groups.

Hojjat ol-Islam Mohammad Hassan Abu Torabi-Fard went on to invite Muslims to follow the real tips and guidelines of Quran. “The Islamic states of the Middle East region must try to promote the real beliefs and advices of Islam and Quran. I also ask the Western governments to cut their supports for Salafi groups and movement.”

It is worth mentioning that Salafist is a movement among Sunni Muslims named by its proponents in reference to the Salaf, the earliest Muslims considered to be examples of Islamic practice.

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