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Abbas Araghchi Calls for Better Relations with Saudi Arabia

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Araghchi

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Araghchi says President Hassan Rouhani wants to establish friendly ties with the government of Saudi Arabia. The Iranian politician urged the Arab officials to take advantage of this opportunity, which will strengthen the unity between Muslim states in Middle East.

“Iran and Saudi Arabia can recover their practical ties in coming months. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has declared his clear opinion about Saudi Arabia. Accordingly, Islamic Republic of Iran is interested in setting up constructive ties with the Saudi Arabian government.” Araghchi said in an interview with Iranian news agencies on Sunday.

During the recent years, disagreements between Iran and Saudi Arabia over regional issues have weakened the two countries’ mutual relations. Under the management of Ayatollah Akbar Rafsanjani, Iran used to maintain friendly ties with Saudi Arabia.

Seyyed Abbas Araghchi also went on to warn against spreading sectarian conflicts in Arab states. “Unfortunately a number of Western governments support sectarian wars in Muslim nations. By waging this kind of wars, Western politicians are trying to target the core and root of Islam. Religious leaders should pay attention to this fact.”

The existing civil wars in the Middle Eastern states leave scores of innocent people dead and injured on daily basis. Islamic Republic of Iran has already condemned the recent terrorist attacks in Lebanon and Iraq.

Araghchi also went on to talk about the Iranian asylums fail to obtain residence permits in foreign countries. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is ready to help Iranians feeling difficulties in other countries. However, some expatriates refuse to receive aides and supports from Iran’s embassies and consulates.”

The former Ambassador of Iran to Japan and Finland asked local media to write more reports concerning the negative outcomes of illegal immigrations to other countries. “As a matter of fact, most people will fail to achieve their goals if they immigrate illegally.”

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