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30 Extra Hotels need to be Built Every Year to Host Tourists in Iran

Hotels in Iran

Iran needs a threefold increase in the number of new hotels to host tourists visiting the country in the best possible way. According to the survey released on July by Iranian Students Tourism & Traveling Agency, Iran lacks high quality hotels and most hoteliers charge premium room rates despite offering poor services.

The survey suggests that only a limited number of Iranians book hotels for their vacations because of high room rates. Hostels, dormitories and private apartments are among the most popular destinations for Iranian travelers. It is worth mentioning that private apartments are generally banned from renting floors and rooms due to security and sanitary problems.

Currently, many people in Northern provinces of Iran have started renting their houses, villas and apartments to backpackers and seasonal travelers.

In recent years, 235 hotels, hotel apartments, motels and guest-houses have become operational nationwide.

Hossein Mirzaabadi, a hotel owner in Tehran, says there are only a small number of quality hotels operating in the country. “In fact, the private sector prefers to not invest in this field because of low return on investment rate. On the other side, state-run hotels are mostly aged and the Iranian government doesn’t allocate any budgets to renovate them.”

Mirzaabadi believes that more quality hotels need to be built in Iran to host the growing number of tourists visiting Iran. “Based on the statistics released by the Iranian government, the number of tourists has increased significantly. In order to host tourists coming Iran, we need to build high quality hotels in different cities including Tehran, Shiraz, Mashhad, Tabriz and Isfahan.”

“Top hotels in Iran usually charge their guests as much as premium hotels in neighboring countries UAE, Qatar and Kuwait. Although the quality of offered services is completely different, guests need to pay high room rates. In my opinion, the Iranian government should monitor this sector closely.” Hossein Mirzaabadi remarked in an interview with the Herald Boy on Thursday.

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