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27 New Mosques to be Built in Tehran

Mosques in Tehran Iran

According to Hojatoleslam Valmoslemin Ali Abbas Hosseinifard, Qom Seminary in partnership with Tehran Municipality is planning to build 27 new mosques in the capital of Iran by the end of next year. Currently, there are 1546 mosques in Tehran, which are being operated by Shia Muslims. Tehran Municipality doesn’t allow Sunnis to open mosque in Tehran for security reasons.

“Studies conducted by Qom Seminary suggest that Tehran needs at least 300 more mosques, and 550 mosques need to be renovated. However, the Iranian government has failed to allocate budgets to Qom Seminary and Tehran Municipality for constructing new mosques in Tehran and the other major cities of Iran.” Hojatoleslam Valmoslemin Ali Abbas Hosseinifard said in an interview with Herald Boy.

“By opening and building more mosques in Tehran, citizens can take advantage of Islam and religious advice from clergymen. This will automatically help the government to promote Islam and Islamic beliefs between people and youths.” Ali Abbas Hosseinifard added.

In Tehran, mosques are being used for religious and social purposes. During the holy months of Ramadan and Moharram, a large number of people go to mosques and religious centers to pray to god.

Old Jame Mosque, Royal (Shah) Mosque, SepahSalar Mosque and Haj RajabAli Mosque are among the most important religious centers of Muslims in Tehran.

At the time being, about 8,300,000 citizens are living in Tehran, and they mostly follow Shia sect of Islam. A limited number of people residing in Tehran are Sunnis, so they are deemed as minority.

Tehran is home to many historic mosques, churches, synagogues and Zoroastrian fire temples. For instance, Jame Mosque was originally built in 1662 at Tehran Grand Bazaar.

The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance is responsible for allocating budgets to mosques’ constructions in the country. The Ministry was formed in 1984 after the victory of Iran’s Islamic Revolution.

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